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Commented on : 2 November 2019

In the event that you esteem an hour of your time at X, at that point anything beneath that cost, re-appropriate.


Commented on : 2 November 2019

Buyers failed to stay above the levels of $0.0210 and $0.0200, and the price of TRX fell below the support level of $0.0200. Over the past 24 hours, the price of the asset fell by 3%, and at the moment it is traded just above the level of $0.0195, which acts as a level of support. Source https://cryptorolling.com . The next support levels are at $0.0190 and $0.0182. BNB fell below $20.50 and $20.00. At the moment it is consolidating just above $19.80. The nearest support level is around $1


Commented on : 2 November 2019

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